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Skill building mallet

February 1, 2012

So I recently decided that I wanted to design and create a mallet to use with my new set of Bacho chisels. Trying to push my abilities as much as humanly possible,  I came up with this design that would incorporate a number of basic and highly skilled techniques that I feel necessary to master as a wood worker.



Proper marking and measuring is the foundation for preparing for the stopped, sliding dovetails, and tight fitting mitres.


I used a blade to mark all the lines instead of using a pencil. This is my first time not using a pencil and let me just say, doing this removed so much of the guessing that is involved with making cuts (should I cut up to the pencil line or should I cut it off?)


I used my router table and a standard dovetail bit to first cut the 4 pins on the walnut handle.


I then routed the pin sockets into the 4 maple blocks making sure that each socket paired with a specific pin on the walnut to insure a snug fit.


So I have everything cut and awaiting assembly!

Next thing to do is build a spline cutting jig for my table saw so that I can reinforce the mitres.



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