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Im almost at the goal (sp)line…

February 5, 2012

I walked into the shop today with a lot on my plate, but I got right to work. The first thing I did besides push the car out of the shop and fire up my portable heater was to get cracking on the spline jig that I discussed in a previous post.

This jig was super easy and only took me about 30 min to put together from scrap 3/4″ plywood laying around the shop.

I addes the extra brace to make sure that the jig stayed pefrectly at 45 degreess.

With the jig finished, it was time to lay out the locations for the splines. But before I did this, I wanted to cut the first of the 2 angles off of the faces. A piece of scrap to prevent tear out, some double sided tape and my mitre gauge was all that I needed to get this done.

Piece of cake!

With the top cut, I was able to mark out the locations for the splines and quickly make the cuts. 

With time running out in the day I was only able to finish half of the glue up on the splines. 

All in all it was a very productive day in the shop, but I needed to do one more thing before I shut the lights off for the day. I had to flush-cut those splines to give myself a little teaser as to what this thing will look like!

Next up:

1) Finish splines

2) Cut the steep angle off of each face (this will probably have to be cut with a hand saw due to the severity of the angle)

3) Shape the handle


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