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Positive outlook

February 4, 2012

I went into the shop today having some mistakes to fix. This didnt bother me because I had a solid plan to fix them and a positive outlook of the end result.

I used 2 blades and 1 chipper from my stack dado to take out 3/8′ from each mitre. I tilted my table saw to 45 degrees and moved my fence to the left side of the blade.

I cut out each mitre, making sure that the blades just made contact with the center walnut post. There is tons of tear tear out here but im not concerned about that because that will all be cut away soon.

I then ran some walnut through my thickness planer. I was able to get the splines super tight by checking the fit after each pass through the planer. I completed the glue up and then flush cut the splines with the faces of the mallet.

So I am very happy with the result and excited to move forward with this project.

Next up:

1) Spline cutting jig

2) Splines

3) Cut the angles on the faces

4) Shape the handle

5) Smack the crap out of chisels


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