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Just give me 30 minutes

March 6, 2012

Just give me 30 minutes, that’s all I need!

I find that the majority of the woodworking I do is done in 30 minute increments and this is because woodworking is not my day job. I am a full time plant operations manager at one of the largest produce distributors on the east coast. It takes me a minimum of 1 hour to make it to, or from work, so for me to carve out any shop time during the week, I must plan strategically. This 30 minutes takes place at 7:45am or 7pm. I do this because I love woodworking!

 Thirty minutes of shop time is nothing. You could blow through 30 minutes just getting set up and cleaning up! Because of this, I am forced to thoroughly think out everything that I plan on getting done BEFORE I walk into the shop. My plan includes what tools I will need to get out, measurements that must be made, and how everything will be executed. Being forced to work under these conditions, I believe, has made me a better woodworker (or maybe just a more efficient one). Every movement is done with a purpose and was thought out the night before or while listening to “Wood Talk Online” commuting to and from work.

I love woodworking and if I only got 30 minutes of shop time a day for the rest of my life I would be fine with that.

If my math is correct, one year would be

10,950 minutes


182.5 hours


7.6 days



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