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Cantilevered Coffee Table “The design”

January 13, 2013

The inspiration for this project came from the readers gallary of Fine Woodworking Magazine. When I first saw Dave Boykin’s cantilevered table I knew that I would have to build a variation of it!


I wanted to push the envelope with this design, even further than Dave already had. In Dave’s design, there are two points of contact with the underside of the table and he uses straight lines throughout.  These two design aspects are how I planned to set myself apart. My original design (not that different from the final design) featured a single bent lam leg that connected to the top at one point using wedged, through, mortise and tenon joinery.


I scetched this back in May and with the help of some of my twitter friends @flairwoodworks @tumblewood @mansfinefurn I was able to quickly refine my design several times





Being able to get design input from other wood workers on the fly is why I love Twitter! I would post a sketch, receive critiques, refine the sketch, and then post again and do it all over.

This is the final sketch and the one that I am currently working directly from.


The next step of the project would be to select the materials.


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  1. I think that’s going to be quite a beautiful piece, Brian!

  2. Glad you like the piece. I’d like to see your finished table.
    Dave Boykin

    • Love the Design! I’m very close to being finished. A little more sculpting, final sanding, drop in the aluminum “staples” and then apply the finish, Waterlox. Again, LOVE you cantilever design which inspired me to create my own take!

      Brian VanVreede

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